IE bike skills II
The hardest part, according to the class, was getting the last bit of the tire reseated, but with persistence and a little brute force, each student was successful.

IE bike skills

With a Pit Stop at 7-Eleven 

Intermediate East students in George Peters' Life Skills class learned how to identify a leak and change a flat bike tire this week. The teacher demo was both on camera and live, and in-person students gloved up to keep the workspace sanitary, wore masks, and maintained six feet of social distancing while collaborating to meet their learning goals. The challenge was to remove the bike tire using special tools, locate the leak, and patch it up using the "Slurpee method." Which is, when you have a flat: Stop at 7-Eleven, buy a Slurpee, use some liquid to locate the leak, patch it with the receipt folded up, and go on your merry way if you don't already have a patch kit masking taped under your bicycle seat. Now that's a life hack.