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Joanna Novaky and her ELC crew
Joanna Novaky, holding her Exemplary Educator certificate, stands with her Early Learning Center colleagues and students.

Joanna Novaky

Nov. 4, 2022-- On Wednesday it was announced that Hooper Avenue Elementary's Amy Mackle was named an "Exemplary Educator" by the NJDOE. Lo and behold, Mrs. Mackle was not the only district teacher to earn this distinction.

Joanna Novaky, a teacher at the Early Learning Center, has also been named an exemplary educator. Novaky, a learning disabilities teacher consultant (LDTC), previously served as a general education pre-school teacher with the district. The ELC shared its nomination description:

Mrs. Novaky is at the forefront of all decision-making when considering curriculum, professional development, analysis of student data and progress, and implementation of student-centered learning activities for all preschool students. With the help of her expertise in preschool, state-approved, play-based curriculum, Mrs. Novaky has successfully helped implement Creative Curriculum, Teaching Strategies GOLD, and additional educational programs such as FUNdations. When in the classroom, Mrs. Novaky pilots all new programs for preschool, implements all programs with fidelity, and provides ongoing frequent opportunities for professional development for all preschool educators and families. Mrs. Novaky also goes above her daily responsibilities to attend continuing education courses and share her knowledge with staff and administration.

Congratulations, Mrs. Novaky!