students with cart

Intermediate South teacher Debora Sheran, center, and her students stand by the Seminole Market mobile cart.

May 17, 2021-- Intermediate South MD students have been busy running the Seminole Market.

The mobile market, which is housed on a cart in the teacher’s lounge, sells healthy snacks and drinks. Each day the students count and restock the inventory. They are responsible for matching the inventory with the money earned in the cash box. Everything from basic money skills to profits and margins make the learning experience real and fun.

Recently, the school completed a market research project whereby staff were surveyed to determine which items will sell for the most profit. Intermediate South staff projected that cold water bottles, protein bars, bananas, and oranges will remain the best sellers. Time will tell.

It’s been an exciting and engaging learning project that has our students thinking about the future.

“When I grow up,” said one IS student, “I’ll have a market like this, and then buy my own restaurant.”

Dream big, the sky's the limit!