HSS grandstands

New turf fields at High School South, as well as HS East and North, were completed in summer 2019. The HSS grandstand was also a Maser Consulting project a few years ago. Photo courtesy Maser Consulting

The new playground at Walnut Street Elementary School was part of the Rebuilding Our Schools Initiative. Photo courtesy Maser Consulting

Rebuilding Our Schools project doing just that

Jan. 24, 2020-- One year ago this week, the Rebuilding Our Schools Initiative and its referendum was approved by Toms River taxpayers by more than 2,000 votes.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished in a year.

Planning got underway immediately following the referendum’s approval, and projects were scheduled, many for the summer of 2019. A tight, ambitious timeline has been managed efficiently with the help of Maser Consulting, and many important projects have already been completed.

New turf fields at all high schools; renovations inside and outside the John Bennett Athletic Complex (“Bubble”); playgrounds at multiple schools; new flooring at Intermediate North; lighting and flooring at High School East; lockers at High School North; chiller replacements at multiple buildings; and numerous paving projects represent just some of the completed work since the referendum was approved one year ago. The Energy Savings Improvement Program (ESIP)-- a cost-neutral initiative saving taxpayers $17 million-- has generated new boiler rooms at HSS and West Dover, new heating and power equipment, updated lighting, and more at multiple locations.

“With the support and approval of the Toms River community, the diligent oversight of our valuable partner, Maser Consulting, and the efficient and outstanding work of our own facilities team and skilled contractors, we’re meeting our deadlines and improving our buildings each and every day,” said Superintendent David Healy. “Seeing all of the work that has come to fruition in only a year’s time is inspiring, and serves as affirmation that we’re doing everything we set out to do and thensome. Better yet, there’s much more on the horizon.”

Those upcoming projects include air conditioning for the Bubble, a second phase of paving projects, chilled water piping replacement at High School East, and construction projects at Beachwood, Citta, and South Toms River. Those interested may continue following all of the progress of the Rebuilding Our Schools Initiative on the project’s website.