Donations truck
Bill Oldham (back left) and Intermediate South Principal Paul Gluck (back right) join students by the truck that Oldham and Gluck will use to deliver food to families in need throughout Beachwood.

Dec. 22, 2021-- Intermediate South teacher Jennifer Woodruff leads the school's Interact Club, which has a signature campaign to turn popcorn profits into gifts for families in need throughout Beachwood.

Every Friday at Intermediate South, students sell popcorn for a $1 a bag. Proceeds are collected throughout the calendar year, and come the holidays, the team has cashed in its popcorn sales to buy items that will feed 15 local families in need for an entire week.

This 15-plus-years-long tradition-- it began back in 2005-- took place again this year, and today Intermediate South Principal Paul Gluck and former IS SRO (and retired Beachwood Police Officer) Bill Oldham personally delivered these items to families. Milk, eggs, cereal, bread and more were delivered to families to enjoy three full meals a day for an entire week. The school estimates about $5,000 worth of food is purchased and donated.

From a popcorn kernel to the type of real-life impact this initiative has on those who need it most, this initiative embodies the true spirit of the holidays at Intermediate South and throughout the Beachwood community.

IS student by food