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Project Aware middle schools photo 1

Project Aware middle schools photo 2
At Intermediate North (left), emotions ran high enough during the Project Aware assembly, which ultimately ended outside, like at Intermediate South (above), as students watched first responders in action.

April 26, 2024-- This week, all three district intermediate schools welcomed Project AWARE, a compelling, dramatic presentation aimed at informing and educating sixth graders about the real life dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

The project in made possible in conjunction with Toms River Police Department and the Toms River Police Foundation. The days were dedicated to fostering understanding, sparking meaningful discussions, and empowering students to make informed choices regarding their health and well-being.

The visit culminated with a powerful presentation led by Project AWARE performers, who skillfully portrayed the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse through storytelling and dramatic performances. Students were immersed in a narrative that depicted the challenges and struggles faced by individuals dealing with addiction, highlighting the importance of making healthy choices and seeking support when needed.

One of the key components of each day was a series of interactive activities designed to reinforce important lessons about substance abuse prevention. From role playing scenarios to group discussions on refusal skills, these activities provided students with practical tools and strategies for resisting peer pressure and making positive choices.

At Intermediate North (right), for example, eighth-grade drama students Kelsey Armbruster, Noa Greenough, Laura Sain, Addison Melamed, Nicole Kilmer, Daniel Marra, and Maddison Clarke displayed their amazing acting talents through this role-playing endeavor.

Following each presentation, students engaged in a Q&A session and a thought-provoking discussion facilitated by Project AWARE facilitators. Students were encouraged to reflect on the information presented and explore the implications of drug and alcohol abuse on themselves, their peers, and their communities.

"We extend our heartfelt thanks to Project AWARE for their impactful presentation and dedication to educating our students about the importance of substance abuse prevention," said Intermediate North Principal Lynn Fronzak. "Together, we can empower our youth to lead healthy, fulfilling lives free from the dangers of drugs and alcohol."

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Intermediate North Project AWARE