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East Dover safety

Officer Kirby mans his station at East Dover Elementary School.

Sept. 5, 2018-- Members of the Toms River Police Department conducted active shooter training yesterday with the Toms River Regional School District's security team including school resource officers (SROs), Class III and Class II officers, and school safety officers.

For the 2018-2019 school year, all 19 of the district's school locations will have at least one assigned armed law enforcement/safety officer.

"Above all else, the safety and well being of our children and staff is our most important responsibility and these latest enhancements to that end certainly are a testimony to this," said Superintendent of Schools David Healy. "Educational partnerships have been integral to our district progress and success and in that spirit, we are again grateful to our local law enforcement officials for a partnership that is unparalleled when it comes to protecting our schools."

The training took place on the eve of the new school year which begins today, and highlights a strengthened partnership between local law enforcement and the school district, which engaged in discussions this past winter to implement new and improved school safety and security measures. A safety training for school administrators took place at Intermediate North just a few weeks ago.

“We appreciate the great working relationship with the mayor and council as well as Superintendent Healy and for everyone working so diligently to get this program started,” said Toms River Police Chief Mitch Little. “The new Class III Program is only part of a bigger preventative plan. It's developing a safety program working with the schools and making those locations the safest they can possibly be.”

"Above all else, the safety and well being of our children and staff is our most important responsibility and these latest enhancements to that end certainly are a testimony to this." -- Superintendent David Healy

The district’s partners in the new and improved safety and security protocol program include Toms River Police Department, Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, the police departments of Pine Beach, Beachwood, and South Toms River, as well as support from the township.

“Recent national and worldwide events have, unfortunately, proven that safety is nothing to be taken for granted,” said Toms River School Board President Russell Corby. “Our students need to know that school is a safe environment for them to learn and grow, and it’s our job as leaders to ensure that is indeed the case. We simply couldn’t maximize the security of our buildings without the help of our local law enforcement agencies, and we are proud, honored, and grateful that they’ve so greatly assisted us in this effort.”

“It's important for the police department and the entire Toms River Schools community to be on the same page,” added Chief Little. “Interaction and information sharing are key components. They have to know what our job is and we have to know how they're going to react to certain situations. Teamwork is paramount!” 

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Intermediate South Principal Paul Gluck (far left) and Assistant Principal Chip LaBarca flank the school's safety patrol officer as the new school year begins.


Assistant Superintendent James Ricotta stands outside of Intermediate South with Beachwood Police Chief Robert Tapp before students arrive for their first day Sept. 5.


At Pine Beach Elementary School, armed safety officer Bob Fairweather (third from right) stands with (from l to r) TRRS Business Administrator William Doering; Executive Ocean County Superintendent Kevin Ahearn; Board President Russell Corby; Superintendent David Healy; and Assistant Superintendents Deb McKenna and James Ricotta.

Swearing in

Toms River celebrates its new Class III officers who will help patrol Toms River schools after their swearing-in ceremony. “Our officers will have access to all police department resources. Whatever they need, they are going to get,” said TR Police Chief Mitch Little. 

Photo courtesy Toms River Police Department