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standing outside the JF Party donation truck
Standing outside the U-Haul truck full of JF Party Dragon donations are, left to right, Assistant Superintendents Pat Thomas and Cara DiMeo; JF Party Dragon CEO Thomas Nuara; Superintendent Mike Citta; Assistant Superintendent James Ricotta; and Business Administrator William Doering.

Sept. 15, 2022-- JF Party Dragon, the Toms River-based nonprofit, has a mission to build a better, bigger, more beautiful tomorrow for those in our local community. For years, the organization has lived out that mission with school supply donations to Toms River Regional Schools. In 2022, that generous tradition continued.

This morning, JF Party Dragon CEO Thomas Nuara and several volunteers dropped off literally thousands of school supply donations at the district's business offices. Those supplies included 1,500 notebooks, 1,000 composition books, more than 100 backpacks, tissues, paper towels, hand wipes, markers, and more.

"It cannot be underestimated what it means to just one of our students, who might otherwise not have easy access to such items, to receive fresh, new school supplies," said Superintendent Michael Citta. "These items will leave our students feeling reinvigorated about learning, and our teachers feeling grateful for always-needed classroom resources. We're so thankful to Tom and JF Party Dragon for their generosity."

The donated supplies will be dispersed to classroom teachers throughout the district, who will share the take-home supplies with their students, while providing them access to the everyday classroom items. The district's facilities team, led by Harry Staples, is already on that mission.

JF Party Dragon hosts a number of charitable events throughout the year to benefit those in need, veterans, and many others. Check out their website and follow them on social media for more.

Tom shaking hands with Mike
Above, Superintendent Mike Citta thanks Thomas Nuara for the school supply donations; below, TRRS's Harry Staples helps unload the truck.
Harry begins unloading