ND Flag Day

Sept. 11, 2019-- Schools today commemorated Sept. 11, 2001 on the tragic event's 18-year anniversary.

Each school began the day with a moment of silence during morning announcements. Superintendent David Healy noted that the district-wide moment of silence was "out of respect and remembrance of all those who lost their lives on that day and thereafter and the family members who mourn to this day."

He added, "My recollections of that day and thereafter are vivid ones as I'm sure yours are and therefore we should 'never forget.'"

Schools also hosted their own special events in remembrance of those who lost their lives 18 years ago. West Dover Elementary displayed a special 9/11 flag donated by staff member Mrs. C., who had a family member working at Port Authority on 9/11/2001. Hooper Avenue Elementary held Patriots Day while schools like North Dover Elementary and High School North honored 9/11 with flag ceremonies.