MLK Day books
From left to right: Assistant Superintendents Cara DiMeo and James Ricotta, Jr.; JCP&L Regional External Affairs Consultant Ronald E. Crocker; Assistant Superintendent Rich Fastnacht; Superintendent Thomas Gialanella; and JCP&L representative Ashley Whitehead stand together, with district reps proudly displaying the sets of MLK-themed books which JCP&L donated to students.

JCP&L, Big Brothers Big Sisters Donate Books Sets

Jan. 19, 2021-- Jersey Central Power and Light (JCP&L) and Big Brothers Big Sisters teamed up to collect books about Martin Luther King, Jr. and donate them to local schools. Today, JCP&L Regional External Affairs Consultant Ronald E. Crocker and his colleague Ashley Whitehead visited the business offices at 1144 to drop off three complete books sets for Interim Superintendent Thomas Gialanella and his team, to be distributed to district schools.

"Dr. King pointed out the inconsistencies between our great American ideals and everyday practices," said Crocker in his correspondence with the district when the donation was offered. "He preached a doctrine of fairness, equality, and brotherly love. His calm and thoughtful demeanor inspired people to look more closely at the inconsistencies, particularly racial disparities, in this country. We do not want Dr. King’s dreams to be lost with today’s children. That is why we, as a group, would like to donate books in honor of Dr. King, to share his legacy, his dream, and make it more than just a day off from school."

The donation was readily accepted by TRRS which, according to Crocker, was the first district to receive the book donation this year.

"Now more than ever it is so important to be reminded of the legacy of Dr. King and his tireless efforts toward fairness and equality, and it’s our ongoing mission to integrate those themes into our curriculum," said Gialanella.

Each set includes four K-8 books based on the civil rights icon:

My Brother Martin and Voice for Equality will be distributed to intermediate school media centers, while the other titles will be provided to elementary schools. 

MLK books