HSE Share East Repeat

HS East Comes Together Through Storytelling...and Food

Share.Ea(s)t.Repeat was a community initiative at High School East that focused on creating positive connections between staff and students through one topic that unites everyone: food.

“We all like to eat, behind every family favorite there's a story and stories are meant to be shared," said HSE senior Rose Zahler. "When we share and listen to each other, our community becomes stronger."

Multiple clubs and organizations at High School East joined forces to curate a collection of recipes and the wonderful stories behind them. The stories and recipes were shared with the entire community throughout the month of March. The French Club, East Ambassadors, Interact Club, Key Club, PE Department, National Honor Society, and the Spanish & Hispanic Heritage Clubs all participated in the initiative.

The recipe and the story gathering process sparked lively conversations between community members, staff, and students alike, who were also able to review each other’s recipes and connect on a more personal level.

“This project has a special meaning for a senior like me considering the different challenges we had to overcome this school year," added Zahler. "This community 'cookbook' is not only a wonderful reflection of our culturally diverse backgrounds and something that we cherish collectively, but it’s also a wonderful memory of my senior year and it will come in handy as I’m headed off to college, transitioning into adulthood and starting to cook more.”

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