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Aug. 31, 2020-- It's been an extremely difficult year for theatre. At High School North, the production team, cast, and crew for its Nautical Stars Theatre Company program put hundreds of hours into its planned performance of "Shrek, the Musical." With five days until opening night, COVID hit.

"To say we were devastated is an understatement," said Director Carolyn Little. "We were able to reschedule, which was promising, but after three tries, we had to accept defeat."

But not so fast. The production team decided that filming was the best chance to show the world just how hard students had worked. They planned some outdoor shoots and then had kids filming and taking photos from home. Led by Ms. Little and Assistant Director Jennifer Huey, costumes and makeup were distributed, and the HSN theatre family pulled together to make magic happen.

And thus, a virtual "Shrek, the Musical" was born. Those interested can view the full performance on YubeTube. (Note: The production team has noticed a few glitches in the link, and an updated link will be posted soon.) 

Shrek screen