SB Cardboard Challenge

Silver Bay Elementary Principal Mike DeVita shoots some hoops during the school's Boardwalk Bonanza Global Cardboard Challenge. The hoops game was created out of cardboard and recycled materials by third graders and their families.

Imagine. Create. Play.

Each year, Silver Bay Elementary School hosts a family maker night. This year’s theme was Boardwalk Bonanza Global Cardboard Challenge.

The concept for this evening came from This organization unites communities from all over the world to build and transform a vision into reality. Kids of all ages around the world are invited to build something amazing using cardboard, recycled materials, and their imaginations. A nine year old boy in California started this idea when he used materials from his father’s junkyard to make Caine's Arcade. Silver Bay was up for this challenge!

By participating in this cardboard challenge, Silver Bay students became part of the almost 2 million global participants in 80 countries who over the years have united to foster creativity and ingenuity. The objective is to raise a new generation of innovators and problem solvers who have the tools they need to build the world they imagine.

For months, students collected cardboard and recycled materials. Lowe’s from Toms River donated large appliance boxes and families and the school’s PTO united to donate extra supplies.

At the opening of the event, preschool through 5th grade families were given a challenge to create a boardwalk game using only the materials in the room. Each grade level was assigned a different game. This was the breakdown: preschool and kindergarten - miniature golf holes; first grade - bowling knock down game; second grade - ring toss; third grade - “hot shots” hoops game; fourth grade - skee ball; and fifth grade - “Plinko” game.

When the families were done, they moved their creations into the school’s Innovation Sandbox (aka Media Center) where the Boardwalk Bonanza fun began.

Families stayed and enjoyed all the newly created cardboard games while the school’s Tech Ambassadors showcased some of the school’s new technology.

Truth be told, the cardboard boardwalk games stole the show! Everyone enjoyed seeing the uniqueness of each game and, of course, playing. 

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