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social workers and counselors discuss
"How can school-based counseling programs be enhanced?" was just one of the topics explored by district social workers and school counselors at a networking session Oct. 4.

Oct. 4, 2022—District social workers and K-12 guidance counselors filled the third floor of the district’s business offices this morning, all for a joint meeting to discuss mental health resources for students.

Toms River Regional Schools has made social-emotional well-being a priority in recent years. Among its efforts: the development of a Youth Counseling Program in partnership with the Hovnanian Foundation and the local YMCA; anchoring much of its professional development on SEL best practices; and an increased focused on touting and promoting the resources available to students and parents.

These advancements demanded a gathering of those most responsible for providing behavioral and mental health resources for students in order to examine what's working and what needs improvement.

Those in attendance were able to connect with colleagues from across the district, hear from community partners about resources and programs to support students and families, and receive formal training in SiLas, an SEL and behavior solutions platform.

counselors and social workers gather
social workers and guidance counselors gather to discuss2