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NJTSA students and teachers at TCNJ April 17

NJTSA student female winners from TCNJ
NJTSA crowd shot from TCNJ April 17

NJTSA student winners from TCNJ photo 3
April 18, 2024-- Students from Intermediate East and North attended the Technology Students Association (TSA) state conference April 17 at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ), where they competed in STEM competitions they've worked hard to prepare for all year.

Alexandra Kanterezhi-gatto, Michael Kuhlsen, and Christina Dakrat (left) placed third in the Junior Solar Sprint, a competition in which they designed a solar-powered car to race against others. Michael Kuhlsen also worked with Tyler Morton, Brayden Macom, and Cooper Kuhlsen (above) to win 2nd place in a category called "Off the Grid" -- a competition that had them designing a zero-energy home that would be able to function without fossil fuels and city water, and use as little energy as possible in a grassland environment.

Congratulations to our NJTSA winners and participants!