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Nov. 28, 2022-- Already, 26 students have joined Intermediate North’s newly-formed Student Ambassador Club, which has a goal to provide a welcoming environment and friendly faces to new students. So far, so good.

The Student Ambassador Club meets after school to brainstorm and develop ways to help new students-- 79 of them so far this year-- feel welcome at the school. These sessions led to club’s initial formal interaction with new students, which took place before Thanksgiving break in the school’s popular Instructional Media Center (IMC) during lunch periods. The ambassadors presented a short slideshow with information about Intermediate North, and engaged in a "Get to Know You" activity to break the ice and start forming relationships.

Better yet, some of the Student Ambassador Club’s members speak a second language, and so the club has a mission to include and engage students who are part of the school’s ESL (English as a second language) program.

In addition to the lunch program, the school’s teachers utilized the first weeks of the year to identify and recommend a "Homeroom Student Ambassador" to the guidance office. These students will be the contact for the guidance office when a new student enters Intermediate North, and will work directly with those new students to help them find and access their lockers, get around the building, and answer any questions during those complex and sometimes scary first days and weeks of navigating through a new school.

“We are very proud of our student ambassadors who have really embraced welcoming our new students, and being that friendly face for their start at Intermediate North,” said club advisor Kristin Renkin.

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