Across the country, schools are participating in Computer Science Education Week from December 3 - 9, 2018.  Within that week, students also participate in what has been dubbed the Hour of Code.  The Hour of Code was started as a way to demystify coding as a 1-hour introduction to the computer science world in schools. 

However, Toms River Regional Schools is no stranger to coding and all the activities and opportunities that surround the computer science and STEAM world.  Over the past few years, the district has focused on this area of education and has implemented courses, clubs, events, and other opportunities for students in all grades to take advantage of throughout the school year.  Many of these efforts have been made possible thanks to a grant that Toms River Regional Schools was awarded in Spring 2018 from the Office of Naval Research.  Called TR:TechReady, it is a three-year coding project for high school students worth more than $763 million.

Below are scenes from our district's participation in this year's Computer Science Education Week, but Toms River's commitment to preparing our young people for careers in the tech world is a year round focus.