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Special Olympics Area 6 even photo 1

Special Olympics Area 6 even photo 2

May 17, 2024-- After weeks of practicing, district athletes showcased their skills at the Special Olympics Area 6 event held at Long Branch High School May 11. The opportunity was made possible through the TRRS Special Olympics Program, under the leadership of Directors Nico Mercadante and Nicole D'Ambroso.

"The Toms River Schools Special Olympics Team thrives on fostering camaraderie, honing skills, and nurturing a profound sense of belonging," said Mercadante. "Through the platform of sports, teamwork, and unwavering support, participants not only showcase their talents but also serve as inspirations to their community, one step, jump, and victory at a time."

At Area 6, athletes showcased their prowess in a range of events including the 50m dash, 100m dash, long jump, javelin, and shot put.

"With dedication and enthusiasm, the Toms River Special Olympics Team triumphed, reminding us all that success is not only measured in medals but also in the joy of the journey," said Mercadante.

Special Olympics Area 6 event photo 6