Jan. 16, 2019-- Learner Activated Technology-Infused Classroom (LATIC) educator Amber Hull from High School South partnered with Supervisor of Educational Technology Tiffany Lucey to integrate game programming as a project choice.

The unit was structured around UN Sustainability Goal 9-- Industry, Innovation and Architecture. Students selected readings around this theme like Fahrenheit 451, identified characters, conflict, and resolutions, and then worked toward designing a game modeled on the story.

Coding and computer programming across content areas is supported by the district's TR:TechReady program.

Students had choices including designing board games or programming in languages like Ready Maker, a gateway to Unity 2D and 3D programming and Scratch.

The project will lead to a "Gameday" Jan. 25 where students will share their games with their peers during classroom rotations of playing.

Hull gaming
High School South teacher Amber Hull watches as two students design character-based games.