New Info Arrives as TRRS Continues Fight to Restore State Funding

Aug. 21, 2018-- Last week the State of New Jersey released its 2018 Taxpayer Guide to Education Spending. In it, Toms River Regional Schools is second lowest in total spending per pupil and eighth in administrative costs out of 98 large districts. This is an improvement even for a district with a strong recent track record of fiscal efficiency; TRRS has floated between third/fourth and ninth/tenth in those respective categories over the past four years, so the 2018 guide represents its best showing yet.

Earlier this year, Toms River Regional Schools earned its fourth consecutive Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting.

Clear and consistent evidence of responsible spending and transparent financial reporting is just part of the reason this district is vehemently fighting sizable reductions to its state aid. Last week TRRS parent Bridget Maillard developed and circulated a petition against the cuts which already has more than 7,000 signatures. The petition can be viewed and signed here.

Relative to the state funding situation, it’s important to note that the Taxpayer Guide’s costs-per-pupil data is based on current enrollments. Legislators arguing that aid for districts like ours should be reduced because enrollments are down are, quite simply, wrong. TRRS is the second lowest total cost per pupil based on current enrollments.

Toms River Regional Schools remains more than $30 million under adequacy, meaning the district spends $30 million less than the state calculates it should, a figure also based on current enrollments. 

The full reports of the 2018 Taxpayer Guide are linked to the right.