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From left to right: Toms River Regional Schools teachers Christine Girtain, John Ruhl, Elissa DePugh, and Elizabeth McCarthy; Dr. Victor B. Lawrence; and TRRS teacher Benjamin Kleiner at Camp Invention's STEM workshop last week. Story below.

STEM Camp1

Aug. 20, 2019-- August 14 and 15, a group of Toms River Regional Schools teachers were able to share a unique and inspiring experience. Ben Kleiner, John Ruhl, Elissa DePugh, Elizabeth McCarthy, and Christine Girtain attended a best practices in STEM workshop hosted by the National Inventors Hall of Fame as part of the grant-funded Camp Invention.

There, they were able to meet some of the greatest innovators that the international STEM community has to offer, including Dr. Victor Lawrence, who is credited with helping bring internet connections to Africa.

“There is nothing wrong with science or technology; what is wrong is the nature of man,” Dr. Lawrence noted during the workshop. “Man has increased his power over nature but not over himself. That is why we live in an age of crisis.”

Dr. Lawrence’s work has helped advance data encoding and transmission, modem technology, silicon chip design, ATM switching and protocols, DSL, speech and audio coding, and digital video.

The teachers who attended are excited to take back the knowledge and inspiration to share with students in the fall.