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TEAM photo

Your trusted community service providers

Sept. 15, 2023-- T.E.A.M.-- Together Everyone Achieves More, is a cohort of student leaders at each high school who prove integral to school events, activities, and culture, as well as the community of greater Toms River. Among their many services, they work at back-to-school nights, freshmen orientations, and big Toms River events downtown and elsewhere; they help set up and clean up for school and district events; and they mentor younger students, including providing drug and alcohol prevention lessons to district fourth graders.

Once led by the late, great Bob Petruski, T.E.A.M. is now organized and led at the district level by longtime educator Joanne D’Amico (in photo above, at right and standing), who by all accounts is doing a fantastic job.

Case in point is the turnout for a T.E.A.M. in-service this past weekend, where students came to together to learn about and sign-up for upcoming opportunities to serve schools and the community. It was, according to High School North T.E.A.M. advisor Jim Patten, a "rare occurrence" to have T.E.A.M. members from all three high schools together in one room, and so Patten, a seasoned photographer, had to capture the moment.

"This photo can never be replicated and there is no other photo like it," Patten said, before admitting that arranging it was "like herding cats."

A great photo is an equally great opportunity to thank Joanne D’Amico and our T.E.A.M. members—past, present, and future—for everything they do for our schools, students, families, district, and community. Thank you, T.E.A.M.!