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Mrs Dugan Cycle 631 classroom with the Beast
The Beast October trophy for cycle 613

Nov. 3, 2023-- Intermediate North’s beastly attendance trophy has a new home … for now.

Mrs. Dugan’s cycle 613 class earned the menacing but much desired award, with an attendance rate of 98.9 percent for the month of October. The Beast continues to be a motivator for showing up—"More than half of our students, 540 of you, have either perfect attendance or only one day absent so far this year!” Assistant Principal Brian Blake exclaimed during this morning’s “Attendance Eye in the Sky” announcements.

Check out the full-length feature on The Beast from last month, and congratulations to Intermediate North on its continued pursuit of attendance excellence!

David Fanslau with the beast trophy at IN
Assistant Principal David Fanslau smiles behind The Beast trophy as students in Cycle 631 excitedly await to accept their monthly attendance award.