WSS Cool Bean

Students at Washington Street School helped plant perennials as part of 'The Cool Bean' project. 

It's Cool To Be Kind!

Washington Street Warriors have always been respectful, responsible, and kind, but now they know it's cool to be kind!

During a school-wide evening event, each family received art supplies and a copy of the picture book The Cool Bean by Jory John and Pete Oswald. Students celebrated and cheered for the winner of the jellybean contest, listened to teachers read The Cool Bean, and created their very own "cool bean."

The fun from that evening did not stop there! During school, Warriors planted perennials and beautified the campus by "rocking" the gardens with kindness in the form of painted rocks. Students also read and pledged to be kind to others. The Warriors used beans to write their name and it is displayed in school reminding them that it is very cool to be kind.

While expressing themselves through art, students also enjoyed delicious snacks and were able to enjoy even more stories that have been added to each teacher's classroom library.

A big thank you to the Toms River Education Association for helping to make these activities possible for the students at Washington Street Elementary School!