WAL Space

The essays submitted by these Walnut Street students, as part of the Artemis Moon Pod Essay Contest, were selected to be launched into space on the Artemis Moon Pod! (The seventh student's picture is below.)

Student Essays Will Be Launched Into Space!

This past fall,  twenty-three 5th graders at Walnut Street Elementary were selected to participate in Club Invention, which is sponsored by the National Inventors Hall of Fame. During the sessions, students worked to solve real world problems and develop their innovative mindsets.

While participating in this program, students were presented with an additional opportunity to participate in the Artemis Moon Pod Essay Contest from NASA. Students who chose to participate worked diligently to create essays in which they described the materials, skills, and personality traits that they would need to form a team that was ready to set out on an expedition to the moon.

These students were recently invited to a live event sponsored by NASA. At this event, students had the opportunity to speak with NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold and the Associate Administrator of the Human Space Exploration Program Kathy Leaders. These space explorers shared with the students what it takes to become astronauts themselves and change the world.

At the end of this session, NASA revealed that 7 Wildcat students will have their essays launched into space on the Artemis Moon Pod! The words of these Walnut Street students will forever be immortalized in space! Everyone is very proud of the students and the hard work they put into their essays.

Awesome job!