adventures in beekeeping
Katie Culbert and her bees

Nov. 29, 2021-- Katie Culbert has made a name for herself in recent years, going back to her science fair success and first-place finish at the 2020 AEOP (Army Education Outreach Program) National Science Challenge for her bee project when she was in middle school. While a freshman at High School North, Katie won first place among all ninth graders at the Delaware Valley Science Fair for her project on breakthroughs in honey bee health, earning her the gold medal and entry into the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), the world’s largest science competition for high school students. And it's that commitment to bees and their environmental impact that has shaped Katie's latest venture ... or, we should say, adventure.

Katie's Adventures in Beekeeping is a YouTube channel she created to document her journey and, she hopes, help spark interest in the field among other burgeoning environmental scientists. The channel is four episodes deep, covering everything from placing the bees into their new home to hive inspections and mite treatment.

Backed by her early scientific success, her experience within the district's authentic science research (ASR) program, the support of her teachers and peers, and a genuine passion for beekeeping, this latest effort is sure to keep Katie Culbert front and center as an up-and-coming expert in the field. 

Check out part one below, and be sure to subscribe to Katie's channel here.