About the Academies

After two years of planning, Toms River Regional Schools rolled out three new career academies – “schools within schools” – at its three high schools in September of 2017. Each academy has a unique curriculum that exposes students to innovative teaching methods, diverse tools and materials, unique authentic experiences, and challenging new courses.

The Academies are designed to prepare students for both specialized college programs and careers by providing high-quality Career and Technical Education (CTE) experiences in nine areas, many of which will be designed to allow students to earn certifications.

At High School North, the Arts Academy builds on an already strong culture of arts-infused education, leading students to careers in the Performing, Fine, and Digital Arts, while teaching them to apply their creative skills to other disciplines. The arts mindset is valuable in every setting, as students learn to experiment, innovate, create, and express themselves.

The STEAM Academy (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) at High School East includes Schools of Engineering, Biomedicine and Environmental Sustainability, with content in marine science, medicine, engineering, science research, genetics, advanced manufacturing, and more. Students in this academy will focus heavily on problem solving and the design process.

High School South is the site of the Business Academy. This academy features Schools of Finance, Entrepreneurship and Real Estate.  Whether interested in working in the Wall Street big leagues, selling and marketing products and services, or starting their own business, students joining this academy will have a strong impact on both our local community and global society.

The Academies continue to grow. Talented staff are refining curriculum and facilities are being renovated at all three locations (see below). They are drawing significant sponsors and partnerships that will allow all high school students to connect with a larger world and access incredible new spaces, equipment, experiences, and courses. Click here to access our latest presentation to prospective students.

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Arts Academy

Arts Academy

Art, in all its forms, not only brings culture and enjoyment to society, but its contribution to fields and careers requiring creativity, innovation, and a maker mindset is becoming increasingly understood and appreciated. The Arts Academy builds on already strong programs and traditions in our high schools. The courses of study are designed to integrate art principles across the curriculum. Students accepted into the arts academy may pursue careers in performing arts like teaching and media production or they may apply their skills in other disciplines like science, engineering and business. Creative problem solving is what makes us unique as a nation in the world labor market. Providing students with an opportunity to explore their creativity while connecting it with both traditional and non-traditional fields prepares them for the 21st century workforce while engaging their passions.
Click here for the entrance criteria rubric, which differs slightly between the three schools of the Arts Academy (Fine, Performing, and Digital).
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Business Academy

Business Academy

The Toms River area is still recovering from Superstorm Sandy, with businesses slowly returning to competitiveness. The community continues to express a desire for our schools to help develop a larger talent pool of well educated employees and entrepreneurs. Many students have shown an interest in understanding business, either to start their own, to enter the finance industry, or just to navigate a world economy. The Business Academy will increase offerings to meet (and exceed) state standards in the areas of Financial, Economic and Entrepreneurial Literacy, and the School of Real Estate will offer a unique opportunity to engage in the world of home and business sales, rental, and management.
Click here for the entrance criteria rubric for all three schools of the Business Academy (Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Real Estate).
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STEAM Academy

STEAM Academy

New Technology, Career, and Next Generation Science Standards being implemented in New Jersey emphasize the need for an integrated approach that melds science, technology, engineering, arts, and math with other academic areas. The STEAM Academy will offer options for students considering careers in the medical field, research, engineering and the environment.
Click here for the entrance criteria rubric for all three schools of the STEAM Academy.
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