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Based on curriculum piloted in our High School Career Academies, the district has developed career pathways that are available to every student in the high schools where they are offered. These pathways are usually found in vocational programs, and we began offering them starting in 2020-2021, and proud to continue that momentum, with more pathways being planned each year.

Many of Toms River Regional’s career pathways are also “Programs of Study,” which the federal Perkins program and the NJ Office of Career and Technical Education (CTE) say includes:

  • a minimum of three courses in a sequence where skills are progressively acquired
  • alignment with career standards and local/regional industry needs
  • both academic and technical skills and content
  • at least one structured learning experience (SLE), where students can apply their learning in the real world (ex. job shadowing, work study, service learning, internship)
  • the opportunity to earn dual high school + college credits
  • the potential to earn an industry-valued credential or certification

Pathways that are not approved POSs have many of the same opportunities but have not been approved by the state.

Pathways / Programs of Study

Digital Arts

Digital Arts (Gaming) POS

Courses: Introduction to Digital Design, Web Design, Multimedia, Game Design


Engineering POS

Courses: Applications of Engineering Design, Introduction to Digital Design, Advanced Digital Design

NY stock exchange screen

Finance POS

Courses: Accounting. Principles of Investing, AP Micro and MacroEconomics



Courses: Interior Design Tech, Intro to Digital Design, Architecture Internship

Certification: AutoCAD

Student Organization: NJTSA

Human anatomy diagram drawings and notes

Forensics Pathway

Courses: Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Forensic Science


Environmental Sustainability Pathway

Courses: Marine Science I, Marine Science II & STEAM Tech, AP Environmental Science

computer science

Computer Science Pathway

Courses: Intro to CS Python, Intro to CS C+, AP Computer Science Java, Internship

Certification: AP Comp. Sci. Exam

broadcast journalism

Broadcast Journalism

Courses: Multimedia, TV Production (HSE), Broadcast Journalism (HSE), Internship

Certification: Adobe Premiere Pro

Student Organization: Skills USA