Programs Offered

A general education program that offers supplemental support to a student that requires prompting, redirecting, organization support, and/or reinforcement of personal, social, academic and behavioral goals. 

In-Class Resource (ICR)- A general education program that offers specialized instruction with a general education and special education teacher. The student shall be provided modification to the instructional strategies or testing procedures or other specialized instruction to access the general education curriculum in accordance with the students IEP. ICR is offered in various classes in each building throughout the District. 

Preschool Disabled (PSD)- A program for students that have been found eligible as a "preschool child with a disability". Students would be between the ages of 3-5 and experience at 33% delay in one of the 5 required areas, or a 25% delay in two or more of the required areas.  PSD is offered in Beachwood and Silver Bay, as well as the Early Learning Center. 

Pull out Replacement Resource (POR)- A special education pull out class providing small group instruction to students with disabilities and run by a special education teacher. POR classes are offered at various levels in each school across the District. 

Learning and Language Disabilities (LLD)- A special class program, taught by a special education teacher, that is organized around the learning disabilities and/or language disabilities.  LLD classes are offered at the elementary and intermediate levels. 

Auditory Impairment (AI)- A program for students that are deaf or hard of hearing and require a special class program.  Our AI program is located at Silver Bay. 

Autism- A special class program for students with an autism diagnosis. A wide spectrum of classes is offered that fall under the "Autism" umbrella . Programs are available at Beachwood, Cedar Grove, East Dover, Hooper Ave, Walnut Street, Intermediate South, and High School East

Behavioral Disabilities (BD)- A special class program, run by a special education teacher, that focuses on students that exhibit behavioral needs and require specialized instruction to address those needs. Our BD programs are held at West Dover, Intermediate South, and High School East.

Intellectually Disabled (ID, formerly CI)- A special class program, run by a special education teacher, for students with cognitive disabilities. Our ID classes are offered at North Dover, Intermediate South, and High School North. 

Multiply Disabled (MD)- A special class program run by a special education teacher. These programs are based on the needs of the students with more than one disabling condition. Our MD programs are offered at East Dover, Silver Bay, Intermediate South, and High School East.

A program for students that have reached graduation age but still require additional education to achieve their IEP and graduation goals. 

In Action

deaf awareness SBE
PECs training
Autism awareness
Autism Summit

Office of Special Services

Assistant Superintendent: Mr. Jim Ricotta

Director of Special Services: Mrs. Joy Forrest

Supervisor of Autism and Preschool: Mrs. Anna Kasper

Supervisor of Elementary/Intermediate: Ms. Kelly Umbach

Supervisor of Elementary/Intermediate: Mrs. Dana Weber

Supervisor of High School: Mrs. Heather Mills 

CST Information And Contact

Kelly McNamara, LDTC

Kathy Nice, school psychologist

Kari Lefebvre, social worker

Yessenia Newcomb, secretary 

Paul Fink, LDTC

Ellen Higgins, LDTC

Lea Valentino, school psychologist

Moira Gambarony, social worker

Heather Coppinger, secretary 

Dru Fonseca, LDTC

Nicole Formichella, school psychologist

Jason Ruch, school psychologist

Lisa Frazzitta, social worker

Rosanne Walsh, secretary 

Jo Ann Rytel, LDTC

Danielle LaVelle, school psychologist

Rick Bevacqua, social worker

Shobha Pathak, secretary 

Dena Kibel, LDTC

Renee Verdon, LDTC

Kelly Padden-Kuchie, school psychologist

Stacey Johnson, school psychologist

Jamie Cegerenko, social worker

Kari Lefebvre, social worker (preschool)

Christine Malinowski, social worker

Veronica Greenlow, secretary 

Caroline Velasquez, LDTC

Lauren Fasciani, school psychologist

Brett Yavener, social worker

Adriene Lazzaro, secretary 

Denise LaRocca, LDTC

Anne Marie Drake, school psychologist

Brett Yavener, social worker

Priscila Caruso, secretary 

Diana Brush, LDTC

Dina Delasso, school psychologist

Kevin Huff, school psychologist

Donna Fluhr, social worker

Toni Costanza, secretary 

Kathleen Carne, LDTC

Bridget Abatemarco, school psychologist

Robert Kehoe, school psychologist

Robin Lowery, school psychologist

James Cartnick, social worker

Lisa Varley, secretary 

Sybil Canary, LDTC

Monique Reed, school psychologist

Meredith Brooks, social worker

Stephanie Diaz, secretary 

Kathleen Carne, LDTC

Marianne Cipolletti, school psychologist

Eleanor Terrill, social worker

Gerri Bormida, secretary 

Colleen O'Donnell, BCBA

Sarah Strazzella, BCBA