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Costa Rica photo 1
From their first Costa Rican selfie (above), to excavating fungus gardens on Day 3 (center), to Day 5 lab work (right) after horseback riding and beyond, district ASR students and their fearless leader, Christine Girtain, are documenting their adventures abroad.

2023 Toms River Costa Rica Research photo 2

2023 Toms River Costa Rica Research

July 3, 2023-- Back in 2017, authentic science research teacher (and future 2023 New Jersey Teacher of the Year) took a group of her ASR students to Costa Rica to conduct science projects in a unique ecosystem (and, of course, to learn the culture and have some fun). This summer, six years later, Girtain and her students are back in the CR.

Joining her this time around are High School East's Jack Chen and High School South students Siddhi and Riddhi Jariwala, Sarah Merklin, and Bisola Fasakin, whose sister Bukola embarked on the trip in 2017. Better yet, the students are documenting their travels and experiences in blog form.

Check out the 2023 Toms River Costa Rica Research blog for updates and photos on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a handful of smart, passionate, and adventurous students.