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students studying plankton

Oct. 13, 2022-- Back in June, teachers began planning trips for this year in partnership with Save Barnegat Bay and Barnegat Bay Partnership, agencies with a shared mission to restore Barnegat Bay and its ecosystem through advocacy, action, and education. That planning manifested itself this week.

Intermediate North’s Cycle 62, led by teacher Leigh Madigan, ventured out to Brown's Woods Preserve for various hands-on activities provided through the partnership. Sixth graders examined plankton from the Toms River (left), practiced the art of seining (below), and explored and studied the broader ecosystem of the preserve.

TRRS students are getting quite used to being on the beaches, out on the water, and getting their hands dirty, whether during the school day or summer. This is indeed a good thing, and mutually beneficial in the interest of protecting our natural resources and giving children hands-on experiences that may led to future careers.