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balloons from Ocean County College
Balloons were used to represent the life balance it takes to achieve success, and an artistic touch was used to filter the photo and maximize its impact.
vet careers at OCC for career exploration

Lifelike stuffed animals were used to help show students what a career as a veterinarian might look like.

Oct. 4, 2022-- The Middle Grades Career Exploration and Awareness grant from NJDOE helped the district establish the Bridge to the Future (B2F) program last year, which continues in 2022-2023. The grant and program is dedicated to helping intermediate students learn more about career and technical education.

To that end, more than 80 Intermediate East seventh-grade Life Skills students visited Ocean County College last week, the first in a series of 12 trips for all seventh grade life skills students to visit the local college and CTE partner. While there, students learned about some of New Jersey’s highest paying careers and how to balance it all while pursuing your educational goals.

The day kicked off with Toms River Regional Schools Supervisor of Educational Technology Tiffany Lucey discussing career pathways and learning opportunities at the high schools, followed by OCC’s Elaine Schardien, Assistant Director for the Center of Academic Success, discussing the intersection of the high school pathways and the bridge to college and careers.

Students excitedly traveled around the Ocean County College campus. Time was spent learning about careers in veterinary medicine, culture and arts with an interactive musical performance, Artificial Intelligence in technology and balancing responsibilities in life. 

“I really liked the part with the animals, like finding out what classes you need to take to get a certain job," remarked on students, while others enjoyed that it was “pretty hands-on.” Upon reflection, they also realized how big the college campus is, and how cold it can be traveling between classes. It was a lot of valuable information to absorb for students on the cusp of high school and postsecondary life, and a big step in getting there.