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ChapterCon at High School East photo 1

ChapterCon at High School East photo 2
Feats in engineering were tested (above), judged (left), discussed, and celebrated at ChapterCon, held March 18 at High School East for district NJTSA students.

March 21, 2024-- March 18 marked the first-ever district-wide New Jersey Technology Student Association (NJTSA) Chapter Conference hosted by High School East. Judges from across the state attended to provide students with feedback they can integrate into bettering their projects for the state and national conferences.

Partnering judges were provided by Workforce Development Supervisor for Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division Lakehurst Gaetan Mangano, and their input and dedication did not go unnoticed.

"Thank you for bringing your passion and positive constructive criticism, which allowed all of the students to take something away from this that they can work on and strengthen, as it is a learning experience for all," said HSE Chapter President and event designer Dante Kanterezhi-Gatto. "I have had many students and parents alike come up to me complimenting the event, and your kind words truly are helping to shape their projects and their overall character as individuals into strong, bold, and powerful young men and women.”

NJTSA ChapterCon March 18 at HSE

The event kicked off with an engineering design challenge, which was followed by other competitive events and judging, and concluded with an awards ceremony.

Students had the ability to network with chapters from across the district and cooperatively enhance their team-building skills, representing the district in a positive light. ChapterCon was funded in part by the NJDOE Perkins and Middle Grades grants. 

HSE Chapter President and event designer Dante Kanterezhi-Gatto

HSE Chapter President and event designer Dante Kanterezhi-Gatto shows off his "Gritty" promotional design project to the delight of a ChapterCon judge.

As for the winners ...

Best Overall (middle school)

  • 3rd (tie) - team of Alexandra Kanterezhi-Gatto, Michael Kulhsen, Christina Dakrat (JSS) and team of Michael Kulhsen, Cooper Kulhsen, Brayden Macom, and Tyler Morton (Off the Grid)
  • 2nd - Riley Tillotson (Promotional Marketing)
  • 1st - Noah Lessig (Career Prep)

Best Overall (high school)

  • 3rd - Mitchum Patel (dragster design)
  • 2nd - Aryan Patel (dragster design)
  • 1st (tie) - Noah Eichert (music production) and Dante Kanterezhi-Gatto (promotional design)

The teams thanked all of the judges and chapter coaches, as well as Supervisor Tiffany Lucey who helps run Perkins- and Middle Grades-based programming, and Dante Kanterezhi-Gatto who outlined, created, sorted and developed the entire event. Everyone's hard work and commitment helped make ChapterCon a huge success. Additional photos below.