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Dugan Tunney first place at DVSF

Intermediate North student Dugan Tunney’s DVSF Certificate of Achievement for his first-place finish honors John C. Sargent, Jr., and standing with Dugan is Aileen Sargent, clearly happy to help bestow the award in honor of her father.

April 18, 2023—Intermediate North had two big winners at the Delaware Valley Science Fair (DVSF).

Dugan Tunney (left), who earned his trip to the DVSF after a strong showing at the Jersey Shore Science Fair, walked away with first place in Physics and became a gold medalist.

Meanwhile, Dugan’s classmate, Aaryan Nagaria (right), earned an honorable mention in Computer Science. Arayan also won the Merck- Inventing for Life special award, “for excellence relating to drug discovery and human health.”

The Delaware Valley Science Fair is a competition of 900 to 1,000 students in grades six through 12 from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware making new discoveries that could change their lives forever.

Congratulations, Dugan and Aaryan, on a job well done!

Aaryan Nagaria special award at DVSF

Aaryan Nagaria