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Intermediate North science fair photo 1

Intermediate North science fair photo 1

Beans, Greens, Magnets, Solvents Earn Recognition

Feb. 6, 2023-- Intermediate North's annual Science Fair was held Jan. 30, and featured 24 students (above) presenting science projects, plus a panel of expert judges.

The wheels started turning in the fall, when students were asked to consider a science or engineering topic of interest. The science fair, as always, is an opportunity for them to use different skills and procedures to explore various fields of science and engineering.

"Our hope for students with this experience," said Intermediate North's Kristin Renkin, "is that it sparks an interest in the field of science or engineering."

Students who won first place, second, third, or earned an honorable mention are invited to attend the Jersey Shore Science Fair at Stockton University March 16. And those winners are ...

Intermediate North science fair photo 3

Intermediate North science fair photo 4

1st Place

  • Amreen Gurm (above, left): Manipulating Magnets to Improve Generator Output
  • Noah Lessig (above, right): Can Beans Grow Upside Down Hydroponically?

2nd Place

  • Devansh Gupta
  • Kavya Patel
  • Emma Mastriano and Jillian Groeller (below)
  • Erick Rodriguez Garcia
  • Raees Ali

3rd Place

  • Jacob Homyak
  • Arisha Patel
  • Scarlett Furina
  • Krisha Goswami
Data tables project Intermediate North

Eighth graders Jillian Groeller and Emma Mastriano's team project-- What solute and solvent degrades tooth enamel the most?-- earned second place.

Honorable Mention

  • Rishil Patel
  • Aaron Patel
  • Mohammad Abuelfuol
  • Eli Hudson
  • Darshan Patel
  • Stephen Smith
  • Amber Chen
  • Madeline O’Brien
  • Jonathan Sanzaro
  • Riker Baratta
  • Joseph Bolduc
  • Alexis Maravelias

The famed fair could not have happened, of course, without a volunteer team of objective and knowledgeable judges, which included:

  • Mrs. Hope (seventh-grade teacher)
  • Christine Girtain (High School North/South ASR teacher, 2022 NJSTOY)
  • Gino Sciorilli (Science Fair liaison)
  • Ed Keller (High School North principal)
  • Mrs. Kinlin (basic skills teacher)
  • several students from Girtain’s authentic science research course

"We appreciate our judges for taking time out of their day to judge the science fair," said Renkin, "and congratulate all of our students who participated this year. We are extremely proud of each of you and hope that you enjoyed this experience!"