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Intermediate East science fair students

Frank Calrici received 2nd place in Environmental

Intermediate North five for five
At the Jersey Shore Science Fair March 18, Intermediate East's (left) Owen Soheily (first), Alexandra Kanterezhi-Gatto (first), and Bradyen Macom (honorable mention) all placed; Intermediate South's (center) Frank Clarici received second place in Environmental, securing him a chance to compete at the regionals; and Intermediate North (above) went a pretty solid five for five. More below.

Ribbons Galore at JSSF

 Nolan and Bryce Judge won first place in the team category and will be moving on

In the stands at the Jersey Shore Science Fair, Intermediate South's Nolan and Bryce Judge celebrated their first-place win in the team category with their teachers and peers.

March 21, 2023—Stockton University was the site the Jersey Shore Science Fair March 18, the 48th annual iteration of the prestigious event. Each of the district’s three middle schools were well represented, with students performing extremely well. Here is how it went down.

Intermediate East

  • Alexandra Kanterezhi-Gatto: First place, Botany
  • Owen Soheily: First place, Chemistry; special award from the American Chemical Society
  • Bradyen Macom: Honorable mention, Physics

“Congratulations to all three students,” said Intermediate East teacher and science fair coordinator Gina Phillips. “We are very proud of your accomplishments!”

Alex and Owen will be moving on to compete at the Delaware Valley Science Fair at Drexel University in April.

Aaryan Nagaria won 1st place in Computer Science

Intermediate North's Aaryan Nagaria earned first place in Computer Science.

Intermediate North

Like East, all of Intermediate North’s participants placed, with the school going five for five.

  • Aaryan Nagaria: First place, Computer Science
  • Dugan Tunney: Second place, Physics
  • Emma Mastriano: Honorable mention, Botany
  • Samantha Rodrick: Honorable mention, Chemistry
  • Krisha Goswami: Honorable mention, Chemistry

“These students did an outstanding job,” said Intermediate North science teacher Kristin Renkin. Aaryan and Dugan are invited to participate in the Delaware Valley Science Fair. 

Guilanna Raso in the field of Microbiology received an Honorable Mention Award

Intermediate South's Guilanna Raso received an honorable mention award in the field of Microbiology.

Intermediate South

  • Nolan Judge and Bryce Judge: First place, Team
  • Frankie Clarici: Second place, Environmental Science
  • Brayden Murphy: Second place, Physics
  • Zachary Wistreich: Third place, Chemistry
  • Samantha Hughes: Honorable mention, Botany
  • Guilanna Raso: Honorable mention, Microbiology

“All of our students did an outstanding job,” said Intermediate South’s Jessica Kurts. “We are proud of all of them!” Frankie, Brayden, Nolan and Bryce advance to Delaware Valley.

Congratulations to all of our student participants, and best of luck to those moving on to the Delaware Valley Science Fair next month. Additional photos below.

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