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drone flight for summer enrichment

tones summer enrichment camp
From drones (left) to tones (above) and everything in between, the district's summer enrichment camps have it all. As students study technology in the gym, down the hall students work with High School South choir director Phil Martin. And those are just two options for students looking to keep busy and advance their learning during summer.

July 24, 2023-- Throughout the hallways of Intermediate East-- and even outside the walls of the school-- the district's summer enrichment camps are underway.

The free, two-week long camps offer a wide variety of educational opportunities for students, and those options were on full display this morning.

"Yeah, but do you want to take a picture of someone flying a drone?" said an excited student after being asked if having his photo taken while inspecting a drone was OK. And just like that, in the gym and under the watchful eyes of STEM instructors, his drone took flight.

In the A-wing, one classroom received a visit from Principal Bryan Madigan (top right) as students created digital storybooks, while in another room rising STEAM Academy sophomores were conducting scientific experiments, looking to gain an academic edge in chemistry and AP biology entering the upcoming school year.

High School South choir director Phil Martin led students in vocal performances in the music room, while in the media center students worked diligently and collaboratively while constructing robots (center right). Many of the summer tech and robotics offerings are funded by the NJDOE Middle Grades and Perkins grant programs, geared at introducing students to career-based fields of study.

Art students were able to take advantage of the overcast skies, and ventured outside to sketch nature scenes. Students were scattered about in chairs, against the building walls, or on the ground, pensively observing their surroundings. What was witnessed on those sketchpads was stunning, and certainly impressed instructor Greg Johnson (bottom right).

The summer enrichment camps run through Aug. 4, and if Day 1 is any indication, participating students have a lot to be excited about. Additional photos below.

Brian Madigan stops by digital book room
robots at summer enrichment camps
art teacher checks out sketches during enrichment camp