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In spring 2018, Toms River Regional Schools was awarded the largest competitive grant in district history—a three-year coding project for high school students worth more than $763,000 funded by the federal Office of Naval Research (ONR). Written by Assistant Superintendent Dr. Marc Natanagara, with support from a team of teachers, administrators, and parents, TR:TechReady introduces teachers and students to industry-critical coding languages, most never seen in our schools, and their real world applications. ONR promotes science and technology applications for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, and understands the ways in which district, industry, and naval goals can be aligned. TechReady includes free summer coding camps as well as training, activities, competitions, and access to resources throughout the school year.

Summer Coding Camps Year 2

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TechReady Code Camps

Students entering grades 7-12 in September 2019 are invited to apply to participate in one of six free two-week coding camps being held at High School North July 22-25 and July 29-August 1, 2019. Up to six coding languages and their applications will be offered. Students will learn the basics of their chosen coding language, create a working product, learn about associated careers, and apply code to address real world issues.

IN ADDITION, we are pleased this year to offer a girls only coding camp from July 15 to 18. Girls are underrepresented in computer science and here's a chance to see what you might be missing and what you can do for the world.

THESE WORKSHOPS ARE DESIGNED FOR ANY STUDENT OF ANY BACKGROUND! You do not have to have any knowledge of advanced math or computer science. TechReady is an opportunity to see what's amazing about coding and to challenge yourself to discover a new and possibly career-building interest.

Space is limited to 25 per class and students will be selected at random from all applicants. Selected students will be expected to attend every day camp is in session and asked to participate in at least one coding activity during the school year, with cool incentives offered.

Register here by Monday May 27:

Teacher participants

Teacher Opportunities for Summer Program and Beyond

In Year 2, we are inviting teachers of Grade 6-12 students to apply to participate in the Summer CodeCamp of their choice. Twelve teachers will be chosen (2 each in our six different coding language programs) and the grant provides a stipend. Apply by May 27 under Extended School Year at

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