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Taz and the High School South crew
Lauren Hess and High School South Assistant Principals Christopher Peck and John Oberti stand with Taz behind the school's football field.

Dec. 9, 2022-- Last week, Mary Wycoff's creative writing students at High School South were asked to give oral presentations about their expertise. Students were encouraged to bring in props.

"In true Indian style, they figured the sky might be the limit on what props they could bring to school," said Supervisor Heather Pentifallo.

And so it was that student Lauren Hess, an equestrian, asked if she might be allowed to bring in her horse to demonstrate her expertise, which was how to tack a horse. And not just any horse, but Taz.

"It's been a long while since we've had a live horse at South," said Pentifallo, "but we had quite an exciting opportunity to have another, and Taz was fantastic."

Clearly, Lauren Hess showed some horse sense in selecting her prop, as it proved to be a day to remember for her and her classmates.