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Educational Services Professional of the Year 2019

Para professional of the year

Stacey Zonin is a paraprofessional at East Dover Elementary School. She graduated Ocean County College in 1997, AS degree. Over the years she has continued to further her education as a student of Kean University, concentrating on her BA in Elementary education/Special Ed. Her career started 11 years ago when she was placed in the preschool classroom at East Dover, that is where she found her passion; working with children with disabilities. She has since remained at East Dover Elementary working with many diverse populations. She contributes her successes to her family, they are her biggest cheering squad, they continue to support all endeavors knowing that when the time is right she will be where she needs to be. Right now, it is at East Dover Elementary. She also contributes her successes with the outstanding teachers and her colleagues that she was so very fortunate to work with and still does. To list them all, would be endless. They too have demonstrated their love and desire to be professional educators. To share and to learn from one another for the betterment of the student so that they can achieve their own successes is an award within itself. To be apart of such greatness only wants me to work harder and to continue to learn; so that at the end of the day,I know I made a difference. My motto, “Celebrate all milestones no matter how minute they may seem, because to our friends, as well as to us, it could be their greatest achievement.”  When Mrs. Zonin is not at school, she enjoys reading and hanging out with her family, going to the beach, boardwalk and going on scary rides; that her kids insist that she tries something new. She still refuses to ride the ferris wheel! My husband Bob, daughters Brittany, Emily and step daughter Francine and son Bobby. All of their children went to Toms River Schools, East and South district; GO INDIANS!! Francine was the first graduating class of the MATES program which was and still is a fantastic opportunity that our district is apart of. She is thankful and grateful to be apart of the Toms River Regional School District. I am honored to represent East Dover Elementary as the Educational Services Professional of the Year 2018-2019.