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Winter Concert

Family Math Night

2nd Grade Winter Jam and School Sing-A-Long

Title 1 Poetry Bingo Night

LEAD U at East Dover

Teacher of the Year and Educational Professional of the Year

teacher of the year and educational professional of the year

Mr. Kevin Cassidy is a truly dedicated individual who embodies the title teacher. He is a lifelong Toms River resident and a 29 year veteran staff member who is extremely up to date with educational and instruction trends in the PE/Health field. During the school day he is a role model for good physical health and wellness. Students see the value of fitness through his classroom instructions and also through the extra curricular activities he runs. He is always one of the first to volunteer his time for after school events and also has run multiple events over the years. This year he connected gratitude and thankfulness to fitness by hosting a "turkey trot" race. This event was a great way to have the community involved in health and fitness activities all while teaching kindness! Congratulations to Mr. Cassidy on being selected as the East Dover Elementary School Teacher of the Year for 2022-2023!

Mrs. Toni Barroqueiro is a paraprofessional that works in the Multiply Disabled classroom at the East Dover Elementary School. Mrs. B has worked in the building for 2 years and successfully obtained a Tier I paraprofessional role in May of 2022. During her time here she has worked specifically with a student with Downs Syndrome. During this time, she has assisted this student make tremendous academic, behavioral and life changes through her constant guidance and support. She is someone who is “ALL IN” and puts 110% in each and every day for her student and the students in her classroom. We are so proud of the work she does and the success the children she supports demonstrate. Congratulations to Mrs. Barroqueiro on being named the 2022-2023 Educational Service Professional Of the Year.

Teacher of the Year and Educational Professional of the Year

Turkey Trot 2022

Halloween at East Dover

Field Trip to the Field of Dreams

Trunk or Treat at East Dover

Dialed Action Sports BMX Show

Title 1 Family Make and Take Night

Vest A Cop Fundraiser

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Family Reading Night

Teddy Bear Picnic in Kindergarten 

Kindergarten Orientation 2022