What is going on in that greenhouse?

Plant List

  • Experimental Milkweed
  • 2 Type of Palms 
  • Hibiscus Tree
  • Avocado Tree
  • 2 Lemon Trees
  • Peace Lily
  • Cedar Tree
  • 3 Blueberry Bushes *
  • Tulip Poplar Tree
  • 2 White Pepper Bushes *
  • 1 Dogwood *
  • 5 Red Maple Trees *
  • Jane Goodall Rose
  • Cape May Hibiscus *
  • 2 Brandywine *
    *Plants were purchased using grant funds from the Jane Goodall Institute.

Current Conditions

61┬░ Fahrenheit


Email:  kseiverd@trschools.com

Experimental Milkweed

Toms River High School North has been invited to partner with Spring-Ford High School to participate in sending a payload in a space balloon. The space balloon will reach a height of around 100,000 ft. - roughly 3 times the height of Mount Everest! Toms River High School North will be sending milkweed seeds in the payload and analyzing germination rates.

The germinated milkweed will begin growing in the High School North greenhouse.  Once viable seedlings they will be planted around the High School North outdoor classroom with the hopes of attracting Monarch butterflies.

The space balloon is sponsored by Rocky Mountain Chapter of the National Defense Industrial Association.