Good Evening Mariners!!

We are very excited to welcome our students back to school TOMORROW!!! This will be our first time together since Friday, March 13th and it is long overdue. We hope that tomorrow will be the next step in returning to school full time. Safety will be our number one priority, as it always is! Here are some of the controls put in place to support student and staff well-being. Please discuss these important points with your children.

Daily Covid Forms: Forms will be available on the Parent Portal and must be filled out prior to student arrival each morning. THE FORM WILL BE AVAILABLE TOMORROW MORNING AND EACH MORNING GOING FORWARD. Failure to fill out the form will result in lost class time. Please make it a habit of filling out the form prior to your child leaving for school.

  • Morning drop-offs and students congregating in the auditorium and gymnasium - In order to reduce the volume of students in the common areas waiting for the opening bell, students will go directly to their classrooms upon arrival. Buses will begin dropping off students at 7:00am. Students who are dropped off or drive themselves to school will enter through door 18 near the gym in the rear of the building and move directly to their first period classrooms. All teachers will be on their posts or at their doors at 7:00am.
  • Masks and Faceshields - Masks are a requirement for all students and staff throughout the day.
  • Non-touch Hand Sanitizer Stations - Located in every classroom, bathroom, and all common areas for appropriate use. Classrooms have been set up to support social distancing. Rows will skipped and we will use a checkerboard pattern to support in-class seating arrangements.
  • Cleaning between classes - Teachers will be in the hallway monitoring students as they move between periods. As students arrive and enter the classroom, they will pick up a wipe and to clean their respective desk. Wipes will be discarded and hand sanitizer used following cleaning.
  • Cafeteria - The vending machines will not be accessible and students should be informed that they are not permitted in the cafeteria unless they have an assigned classroom period.
  • Bathroom usage - Bathrooms will be locked between periods every day and will be unlocked during periods for oversight and social distancing control. Teachers are assigned duties every period at each of the respective locations. If a student needs to use the restroom, he/she will be required to provide their Bathroom Pass. Students will mobilize to the nearest restroom and will be asked to sign in at the respective desk. Only 2 students will be permitted to utilize a particular bathroom at one time. Students will sign out when they are done.

Please contact us with any questions.

Thanks! Ed Keller