Welcome to Toms River High School South - the oldest and proudest of the Toms River Regional Schools.  Established in 1891 Toms River High School South recently graduated the 128th class of seniors.  As Principal at this proud school it is my job to welcome our students, staff, and community into our long standing TRADITION.

When entering our building students, staff, and community can feel the history and tradition come alive.  We pride ourselves in delivering our students a 21st Century learning model and experience with an old “school spirit” feel like decades ago.  The school community and students proudly wear our maroon and white and support countless civic and charitable events and clubs for our community.

Our goal is to bring passion and excellence to all that we do, whether it is in the classroom, on an athletic field, in a club or activity, or in the community the students and staff of Toms River High School South are “The Noblest and the Best!”

With our location being in the heart of our business community, Toms River High School South is home to one of three Toms River Regional School Academies.  Our Business Academy offers students opportunities in a comprehensive career, technology, and vocational program that touches all aspects of the business world.

In the 2018-2019 school year we pledge to nurture and support all of our students and school community while preparing our 129th graduating class to be productive and successful in achieving their life-long goals and ambitions.


Mr. Michael Citta