Title 1 Parent Policy

As a parent, you play an important role in your child's education. The NCLB Act (Waiver) seeks to provide every student with a high quality education. It states that students are to be challenged to meet high standards, taught by highly qualified teachers using proven teaching methods and be able to learn in a safe, drug-free environment.

Parents have the right to know about their individual school's performance by viewing the district and state progress targets and performance reports. We have set high standards of what students should know and be able to do. The state has set specific standards for reading, math and science; and, standards-based assessments to measure progress, achievement, and an accountability system.

Parents receive right to know letters regarding each teacher's qualifications. In New Jersey a teacher receives a certificate for teaching and also must obtain the status of Highly Qualified. Parents may review the curriculum by visiting Curriculum.

The NCLB Act (Waiver) also states that your child has a right to attend a safe school. As you visit our schools you will see that we have security procedures in place.

Get involved in your child's education, attend meetings and share your thoughts, concerns and ideas. Help your child complete homework and make sure that he understands how important it is to do well in school. We suggest you become a member of the PTO, join a family involvement workshop, or contact us for specific activities at your school. Throughout the year your school will have opportunities for you to be involved. There will be exhilarating activities in the arts and sport activities. Classrooms will offer interesting activities to which you will be invited. Please contact your school.

f you have any questions about NCLB, you can visit this US Department of Education's web site: http://www.nochildleftbehind.gov, or call your school.