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Agreement to participate

As a participant in a school activity, I agree to abide faithfully by the standards listed below. I understand that my participation in the stated activity is a privilege which may be revoked at such time said standards are not maintained.

  1. I will maintain a standard of behavior and dress that will reflect positively on my school. I will maintain a high standard of citizenship consistent with our school district’s Code of Conduct both in and out of school.
  2. I will endeavor to reach my maximum potential for scholastic achievement. Additionally, I recognize that poor academic performance is an NJSIAA violation and will result in the termination of my privilege to participate.
  3. I will not possess, distribute, ingest or otherwise use any banned substances (as indicated in Policy 5530) without the written permission of a fully licensed physician. (NO ALCOHOL or DRUGS). I recognize that my health is of primary importance to myself, my family and my teammates.

Any violation of this requirement will result in the termination of my privilege to participate, along with additional remedial and reinforcement consequences prescribed in Policy 5530 Substance Abuse. Any violation of this code will result in immediate removal from the above-noted activity. No coach, advisor, etc. is empowered to grant immunity to any student regardless of circumstances.

Each coach, advisor, etc. is obligated to report any violation of the Extra-Curricular Code to the Building Principal immediately. A fair investigation and hearing will follow each incident reported to the Building Principal. The services of the district’s Substance Awareness Coordinators will be utilized in reported violations of standard #3.