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You may fill out an application any time your circumstances change throughout the year.

Applications are available online at SchoolCafe, on our district website, in the Main Office at any school, or at 1144 Hooper Avenue. 

A Dr’s note must be submitted to the nurse’s office at your child’s school. The Nurse will enter the information in the system and the system will alert the person at the register when your child’s account is pulled up. Once an allergy is on your child’s account, it will stay there until a Dr’s note is provided to have it removed. 
If your child does not have lunch money or money on his/her account, he/she will be provided with a Tuna Sandwich, Suncup Juice & a milk for lunch that day. Your child’s lunch account will be charged for this meal. 
Ala carte restrictions are controlled by you through your SchoolCafe account.  
School menus are available on our district website , our Facebook page, and on our Instagram.
You can view not only the balance, but also all of your child’s purchases through your SchoolCafe account.  If your child’s balance is in the negative, you will receive an automated phone call alerting you of this once per week. 
If a Graduating Senior still has $5.00 or more on their lunch account, we will send a voucher in the mail over the summer. You just need to sign it and mail it back then we will send you a check for the balance left on the account. 

You can contact the Food Service Department at 732-505-5595 ext 215595