Frequently Asked Questions

Parents will receive an Individual Student Report (ISR) for each content area in which their child is tested during the Fall 2021 Start Strong Assessment. 

An ISR provides parents with:

  • A sense of their child's understanding in the tested content areas;
  • A description of the major concepts that were tested; and
  • A starting point for discussions with their child and teacher(s).

There will also be a parent portal with online access to how their child performed on the Start Strong assessments. 

The Start Strong assessment window is September 13 - October 22, 2021.  

For Start Strong, each school, in conjunction with the district, will create a testing calendar based on these dates and release a schedule accordingly.

The entire 2021-2022 testing schedule can be found here.    

The district has made a commitment to prepare students for future careers and higher education, which has helped students become familiar with reading text and solving problems on computers.

Because the assessments are online, students will use a set of basic computer skills, including keyboarding, drag and drop, and highlighting. These are skills that students are familiar with from technology and media instruction. 

View sample assessments:

Practice Tests


Additional Science Practice Tests

The Start Strong assessments are being administered in Fall 2021 in place of the NJSLA assessments that were originally scheduled for spring 2021.  The Start Strong assessments will provide schools and districts with the opportunity to assess students' unique needs at the beginning of the school year. 

The Start Strong assessments will be based on a subset of prioritized prior-year academic standards.

The NJSLA-ELA, Math, & Science assessments are aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, & Science.