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Rules and expectations for students are directly related to student safety. The safest ride possible will be provided by the school district through the cooperation of the students, parents, faculty and drivers. These rules are enforced by the Transportation Staff and the building administrators. Your child should realize that riding the school bus is a privilege, and permission to continue to ride can be withdrawn if order and conduct are unruly. Students who violate safety procedures will be reported by the Transportation Staff to the appropriate building Principal or Administrator. Violations will result in a series of disciplinary actions by the schools, from a discussion with the student to a loss of riding privileges, depending on the infraction.

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  • Only students who are eligible will be permitted to ride the bus. No student may ride a bus that they are not assigned to. Students are required to get on and off at their assigned stop only.
  • Please be sure to be at the bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to your stop time. Also, you must allow 10 minutes after your stop time for the bus in case there are any unforeseen circumstances that might cause a bus to be late, such as traffic or weather. If the bus does not arrive within a reasonable amount of time, it is recommended that you call the Transportation Department.
  • Wait for your bus in a safe place, well off the roadway. Do not play or wait in the road. Respect the property of the area your stop is located at.
  • Do not approach the bus until it has completely stopped and the driver has opened the door. If you must cross a roadway to get to your stop, you should cross only when the school bus arrives and stops, the red lights are flashing, the stop arm has been engaged, and the driver has signaled you to cross. ALWAYS cross in front of the bus (at a distance of 10 feet), NEVER behind.
  • Enter the bus in an orderly manner, take your seat, buckle your seat belt and remain seated. Keep your head and arms inside the bus at all times. Keep the aisles clear of feet, legs, arms, backpacks, etc.
  • Keep the noise level at a minimum for the safest driving conditions.
  • Follow the instructions of your bus driver. The driver has the authority to assign or change seats whenever necessary. Behave appropriately and be courteous to the driver and your fellow passengers.
  • Students are required to maintain classroom-like behavior. Keep your hands to yourself. Pushing, grabbing, and reaching over seats is not permitted. Vandalism to any part of the bus will not be tolerated and will be treated with appropriate discipline.
  • No smoking on the bus. No gum, food or drinks are permitted. Cell phones are not permitted to be used on the bus.
  • Oversized objects (musical instruments, sports equipment, skateboards, etc.) are not permitted on the bus to school or home from school.
  • Be on time at the end of the school day. Once the driver closes the door and the bus begins to move, he is not permitted to open the door for anyone else under any circumstances.
  • Many of our buses are equipped with video surveillance for the safety of all passengers.
  • Parents are responsible for the safety of students until they board the bus. Parents are encouraged to escort their children to the bus stop, especially along and across busy roadways.
  • Parents of all students must notify schools with change of home, work and cell phone numbers, as well as student emergency list.
  • Parents of Kindergarten students are required to meet them at the stop at the end of their school day. Should there be no one to receive the child, he/she will be taken back to the school and transportation home becomes the responsibility of the parent.
  • For departmental safety and tracking, your child is only permitted to ride the bus he/she is assigned to and get on and off at their assigned stop only. No ineligible riders are allowed on the bus.

Pursuant to New Jersey Administrative Code 6A:27-1.2: “…Transportation shall be provided to public school students who reside remote from their assigned school of attendance … and special education students who reside remote from their assigned school or who require transportation services in accordance with their Individualized Education Program (IEP)”

  1. The words “remote from the school of attendance” shall mean beyond two and one-half miles for high school students…and beyond two miles for elementary school students.
  2. For the purpose of determining eligibility for student transportation, measurement shall be made by the shortest route along public roadways or public walkways from the entrance of the student’s residence nearest such public roadway or public walkway to the nearest public entrance of the school which the student attends.

Pursuant to Toms River Board of Education policy, students taking courtesy late buses from Intermediate and High Schools may be dropped off anywhere up to 8 to 10 blocks from their homes. Please understand that there are not late buses for each school route and, therefore, the buses travel along the perimeter of a neighborhood. The number of students who travel on late buses each day will determine where the student may be dropped off. Please be assured that your child will not be dropped off in an unsafe location or where he or she must cross any street designated by the Toms River Township Police Department as “non-crossing” streets.

This form is ONLY for a general bus stop location change.  Please use the form under the next tab below for ALL babysitter alternate transportation requests.

Your child’s bus stop has been assigned based on its reasonable proximity to your home, the efficiency of the bus route and consideration for your child’s safety. If you would like to permanently change your child’s bus stop to another stop already serviced by a bus assigned to your child’s school, please contact the Transportation Office directly.

To create a new stop or move an existing stop, you must identify a “verified safety problem” your child is having with their present assignment. In order to activate this process, you must complete a “Request for a Bus Stop Addition or Location Change” form below.

Note: Distance to the present stop and/or not being able to see your child from your home are not usually considered valid reasons to change your child’s assignment.

Once the Transportation Department receives your completed request, it will carefully be reviewed for your concerns. Please give the Department ten (10) working days to respond to your request.

Bus Stop Addition or Location Form

You will need to submit a written request and both a letter from your babysitter stating their intent to act in this role, as well as a current utility bill as proof documenting the sitter's residency, to your appropriate school. This must be done by 4 p.m. Aug. 24, 2024 to ensure transportation for the 2024-2025 school year. Any form received after this date will not be processed until Sept. 16, 2024.

Re-approval is required annually.

Babysitter Alternate Transportation Form

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The mission of the Toms River Regional Schools Transportation Department is to provide safe and efficient transportation to the students of the District. School buses, by design, provide significant protection for the passengers, but the passengers themselves play a critical role in making the ride to and from school even safer. All students have a right to experience a safe ride, but students also have a responsibility to contribute to the safety of the ride. Please take the time to review this information with your child and be sure he or she understands the importance of their role in helping to maintain safety.

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