• #WeAreTRSchoolsInspiration 2020

    In the midst of checking all her students’ amazing artwork, Ms. Bisogna (Cedar Grove Art Teacher) was especially surprised by a submission from one of her second graders, Samantha Maresca. Samantha had made a beautiful painting on her home’s storm door. Like only a child can, she filled the entire glass from top to bottom with colorful images of her family, a sun, smiley-faced hearts, a tree with a red bird, and most notably, a rainbow.. She titled her masterpiece, “This Too Shall Pass.” It was such a bright light of hope in these dark times that Ms. Bisogna sent it to her administration team thinking they could share it out on one of the school’s media platforms. They all began to think about how fun and encouraging it would be to use this not only as a school activity, but as a district and community spirit project, where each week, all our students would participate in a similar fashion, decorating the doors or windows of their homes with inspirational art. Neighborhoods could be transformed into mini art galleries where people will experience a little kindness and humanity. Let´s kickoff this week with a community full of rainbows! Rainbows are seen as symbols of hope, blessings, and happiness following difficult times. During the week of 3/30/20, join us in this endeavor by having your children create their own rainbow masterpieces. Encourage them to include a positive message on a window, door, driveway, or even the sidewalk. They may use any materials (erasable markers, washable paint, wax crayons, window clings, paper, chalk). In the weeks that follow, we will have new themes to share. What better way to connect us, provide comfort, lift our spirits, and spread love and hope? It’s no secret...Art heals. Take photos of your art and on Friday, April 3rd, please share your photos via social media. Be sure to tag @wearetrschools on Twitter with your family’s masterpiece and use the hashtags: #WeAreTRSchoolsInspiration or #TRSchoolsThisTooShallPass Sincerely, Mike DeVita
  • Last Chromebook Sign Out

    Good Morning, Nearly all of our students are now well connected with their teachers and classmates using online platforms like Google Classroom in order to continue learning and meet state requirements. However, some of our students have still not logged in to their classes. If the reason is because you do not have a computing device at home, please let me know by Friday, 12:00pm. If you do not currently have wifi at home or there is some other issue we are not aware of, please let us know as well and we will do our best to help you. For everyone's safety and to limit contact and travel, we will have one final Chromebook pickup for parents we have communicated with and determined there is a need. Pickup will take place Monday, March 30th from 10AM to 12 noon ONLY AT OUR THREE HIGH SCHOOLS. Your name will be provided to our Tech Team who will oversee the distribution. Only parents whose names have been verified may pick up a Chromebook on that day. Please email me the following information: Child’s name Parent name (who will be present at pick up) Parent’s email address (phone number if no email address) Which High School you will pick up from Please continue to monitor your child’s progress, as incomplete work will be reflected on their report card. If you have any questions, please email the teacher individually. Thank you all for your continued efforts during this difficult time. Sincerely Mike DeVita
  • Update from Mr. DeVita and Ms. Norcross to help with our Digital Learning Plan

    We would like to thank all of our Silver Bay families for their cooperation during this difficult time of implementing digital learning. The office at Silver Bay School will close today 2:00. If you need to communicate with the main office please email Mrs. Discenza, Mrs. Garibaldi, Ms. Norcross, or Mr. DeVita at our school email address: The teachers will be available online from 10:00am to 2:00pm to assist your children with their assignments. Mrs. Hansen, our technology teacher will also be available during those hours to assist with technology issues, please email her if you have questions. Sincerely, Courtney Norcross Mike DeVita
  • Connecting a Chromebook to WiFi

    Click on link above.
  • Directions for Accessing Clever from Home

    Click on link above.
  • Parent Directions for Digital Teaching and Learning for Elementary Students

    Click on the link above for complete directions. Each teacher has created and shared a Google Classroom on which they will post a set of lessons and activities daily by 10:00AM. Students will be expected to access the interactive materials contained within the lessons for each subject and complete and submit feedback on the assigned activities each day in the area entitled “What did you learn?” Teachers will use this log as a way to document student interaction and virtual attendance. A sample of the daily plan and required student feedback log can be seen below:
  • Letter from the Principal - School Closing Information

    Click on the link above for the full letter. School will be open Monday, March 16th 9:30 AM-12:00 PM and Tuesday, March 17th 8:00 AM-12:00 PM for the following ONLY: Families who receive free/reduced lunch and would like to pick-up food for the week. Parents can pick-up “grab and go” by door 12 during the hours above. Families interested in borrowing a ChromeBook. Please report to the Main Office. A parent must be present to sign a waiver to borrow district owned equipment. Internet Essentials (for any parent who would like to apply for free internet through Comcast). For those families who have previously identified on our survey that they need to pick-up a paper packet, we are waiting for delivery from the Print Shop. We will contact you when packets are available for pick-up. We anticipate their availability by Tuesday.
  • New Security Procedures:

    Please see the attached letter regarding the Raptor System that has been installed in our school.

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