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  • Week of Respect October 3-7th

    Click above for daily activities this week.
  • Student Handbook 2022-2023

    Please review with your child.

    Breakfast and lunch will be served beginning the first day. Breakfast: $2.00 Lunch: $3.50 Send in cash to be put on your child’s account OR use “SchoolCafe” system at
  • Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

    Arrival: The attached map shows the proper procedures for arrival. Please pull your car up to the beginning of the playground and let your child out on the passenger side. If your child needs assistance getting out of the car, please park in a parking spot and walk them across once the cars are stopped. There will be plenty of school personnel outside to assist you. On the opening days some parents will want to walk their children directly to their classrooms. However, for security purposes only our students are allowed to enter the building. The only doors that walkers can enter through are Door 37 and Door 41. These doors will open at 8:30 This will help us control unwanted visitors for your child’s protection. Be assured that there will be a sufficient number of school personnel to assist the children. You will receive much information via your child in the opening weeks of school. Dismissal: If you are picking up your child for dismissal please park in a parking spot and your child will exit the building from Door 41. Once every student is in a car we will dismiss everyone. Please do not move your car until the staff tells you to. This is for the children’s safety! The total process should only take 5-7 minutes if everyone follows directions.